Isa 56:7,  Ps 72:15  It is God’s brilliant strategy for engaging the saints in intimate partnership with Him for the ultimate purpose of the glory of God: John 14:13  John 16:24



  • Sunday morning
  • Friday evening (worship/intercession)
  • Thursday morning (devotional)
  • Last Monday of each month

The fact that God would invite us to co-operate in His grace by asking (prayer) Him about everything, reveals more than just a foundational principle of the Kingdom: Phil 4:6, 1 Thess. 5:17; James 4:2. It is also a clear expression of God’s desire to deepen and establish relationship with us by sharing His heart, His interests and His plans; Jer 29:11-12.

This has such a profound impact on us as God speaks and moves our hearts and in response we speak and God’s heart is moved. In this divine exchange our hearts are transformed, we are anointed with power and it releases revelation, Eph 1:17, and trains us in humility to rule in God’s wisdom.

Prayer was never meant to be duty based or result orientated but a place where we encounter the God of all joy Isa 56:7, God of all glory Ex 33:18, and God of all pleasure Ps 16:11.

Church is who we are, not where we go.